Wanted: very brave person to do an experiment

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Paul W. H
Joined: Jul 25 1999

Hi Guys

I need someone with "bottle" to do an experiment for me because I am a coward.

I own two Digital Still Cameras, a Sony Mavica FD82 which feeds on floppy disks which is no problem as I have "very many" and If I need more they are very cheap to buy. My second camera is a Fuji Finepix 4700 which feeds on "Smart Media" and I have the USB lead as supplied and a "Smart Media" Floppy Disk Adaptor.

My question is: Would the Sony Mavica accept the "Smart Media" Floppy Disk Adaptor as a large capacity Floppy Disk beit, 16, 32, 64, 128Mb or whatever and would it work.

Being a coward I am not prepared to get grief from "Her in Charge" and considering it is coming up for holiday time very soon, "Sods Law" would ensure that it would blow up the camera.

Waiting in anticipation.

Paul W. H

Graeme Redwood
Joined: Jan 26 2001

Since a PC needs special drivers to read a SM floppy disc adaptor then so will your Sony camera. However Sony doesn't support SM, only memory-stick, so this is unlikely to be the case. In other words no, your sony won't be able to read/write to the adaptor.

Alan Roberts
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I confirm that PCs need software to accept SmartMedia cards in the floppy adaptor. I've got one, and it will only work in flavours of Windows98, so you've no chance of getting a Mavica to understand it.

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