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Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Dear Bob/C.V Team

In this months magazine (which i thought exceptional)... (also looking forward to next month and in particular the review of DVD Workshop motion menu,s).

There was a small leaflet advertising the video show in February.

I noticed that ComputerVideo are going to have "at show" Seminars and workshops.

Any chance of an insight into what is on each day... (computerVideo) point of view ?

And dear Richard (DVC) if by any chance you read this.... will DVC be at the show this year ?
And any news (even if at a later date) if DVC plan to offer any good deals ?

Imaginate etc...

For anyone that could not make it... last year DVC offered some fantastic "Special show offers"

And ComputerVideo magazine,s Seminars/workshops were great to go along and see.....

As were many stalls.....

It was also great to see some new faces meet up at the C.V Stand

Kind regard all.

Joined: Mar 7 1999


Talks are still going on between myself, the show organisers and the people I want to deliver the seminars.

When these are concluded I'll let people know what we have planned.

Bob C

Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Dear Bob,

Thanks for the kind reply...

Looking forward to it very much.

Joined: Dec 23 2000


Keep us posted, I'm looking to go again this year, perhaps we'll bump into one another.


Richard Payne
Joined: Sep 15 2000

Hi Stuart

We will be at Video forum with a big stand.
Last year was excellent for us there and we will even have a small cinema area to show off new stuff.

We will have some good offers but not sorted yet. Some Companies only let us know about offers the day before !