Transfer of Premiere Pro tapes to timeline

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Joined: Sep 3 2002

Tape one captured. All 312 clips were transferred to timeline. No problems.

Three more tapes were captured and display, in correct  clip  order, in the Premiere window Project dialog list.

How can these three tapes clips be transferred to the Premiere timeline in the correct tape order?
Edit - Select All - drag to timeline - results with each tape placing clips by their numerals. 

e.g. Tape one No.1 clip, tape two No. 1 clip, tape 3 No.1 clip, tape four No,1 clip consecutive.

Holding down Ctrl key and selecting clips from the project list results in unwanted duplicates adding to the Project list.

An Alternative could be for each tape's complete number of clips in a separate bin - to be entered in the edit  Project when required.

Guidance and procedure required please.