Sennheiser K6 power fault

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Hello good people,
I'm back with one of my periodic queries...
This time it regards a Sennheiser K6/ME66 power supply/mic combo. We have 3 of these but one of them has started behaving oddly. When used in combination with phantom power from a Sony Z7 it will not pick up an audio signal. If you put an AA battery in and switch on it works fine. The other identical versions of this mic we have work fine phantom powered with no battery and I have tried the offending mic on a number of cameras with the same result on each.
Any suggestions before I look at gtting it fixed? We are a charity so I'm always trying to keep down costs.

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John Wilett on here may have a suggestion about repairs.

The obvious suggestion is that if money is tight continue as you are and run the offending mic on internal.
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The K6 and ME66 sections are separable and interchangeable, as I'm sure you know.

Can you swap them around to isolate the fault to a bad K6 - or - ME66? At least that might shed shed some light on the possible fault (and cost less to replace, if you choose to).

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It bugs me that every device made, even in China, has the battery spring at negative end - except the K6 power module, so it always make you check twice.
Any chance you currently have battery in wrong way round (I say nervously) or has in the past which could possibly cause a short.

I assume cable double checked while you were sucking on the eggs.;)