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Gary Schwartz
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I have a Sony TRV-900E. I recently recorded over a Panasonic tape that is about 5 months old, on playback it has sections that produce a mosaic pattern. Yesterday I recorded over a section of a new panasonic tape and a few seconds had a problem but not the rest. Is there something wrong with the camera, do the heads need cleaning or is there a problem with recording over used tapes? I was led to believe there was no problem with rerecording. Incidentally the camera was bumped heavily a few days ago, but the recording problem does not appear to be long lasting or consistent which I would expect if the bump has caused a mechanical probelm. How robust are these cameras?

Thanks in advance


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I've a JVC GR-DVJ70 that suffered a
simiar problem you are experiencing.
It recorded and played back(even on
tapes previously recorded okay)a
mosaic effect in 5 or 6 bands over
good video. Fortunately at the time the
unit in question was under guarantee.
The cure? A new Final Drum Assembly
an expensive item afraid.
I use a range of DV tapes including
JVC, Panasonic & Sony. Whether some
tapes are incompatiable with different
branded videos I don't know. But as all
these tapes are from 'quality' companies
,and probably from the same source one
would not expect to have problems with
tapes ???

Sorry I can't give you any positive advice
other than could be serious if not under
guarantee from in my experience.