Overlay causing baldness

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Hello. Unfortunately, the message in this box is not very entertaining, but neither is not having a working system.

My thanks to Getafix for at least giving me some clue as to why I was not getting a picture when I try to capture/ playback video. But, I'm affraid the problem persists - despite weeks of configuration/ reconfiguration.

I have a DC50 capture board & agp ati 128 graphics card and as far as I know, these are the only two hardware ingredients (+ monitor) that are involved in overlay.

According to directx 6, overlay, and all the other super acceleration graphics functions are good to go.

According to the miroDC50, overlay is not supported by the graphics card.

I have had numerous driver updates from, and convesations with, ATi who have said helpful things like
- move the card to a new slot (done it loads).
- Phisically remove one of the CPUs(dual system). When I asked the techie why that would help he wasn't really able to give me a reason.
- Its your problem, not ours [sic] from another techie.

I haven't given up on using technical support just yet, but its obvious after the lack of success that I need help from people who have had similar problems, or at least deal with the settings necessary for overlay more frequently.

I recently discovered the "snoop palette" enable/disable in the system bios: without this enabled, overlay cannot run (I think). I have changed the setting.

Can some kindly souls send me tips on what bios features should be enabled or whatever in order for overlay to be a little bit more encouraged? Lets face it, documentation on this kind of thing is scant to say the least.

Here are some of my system specs:
dual PII
128 RAM
440 BX Supermicro / AMI Bios (1.5b)

Just one more thing, should my DC50 have I/O access? It doesn't (device manager).

Any advice on this topic will be hungrilly consumed - I genuinely am losing my hair over this one and I'm worried that when all my hairs gone, I'll start pulling out my teeth.

Help! Its my birthday!


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Are you using the correct drivers? My DC30+ used to tell me my graphics card didn't have overlay until I installed the 1.31 drivers to replace those that came on the CD. Now it works fine. It may be Pinnacle's problem rather than ATI's.


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