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Many people probably don't realise it, but an AV master also doubles as a top quality audio card for home recording. I use mine this way as much as for video.

Just thought I'd mention it on this new mb, which seems like a great idea.

My only concern is that we might be spreading things a bit thin, and our resident experts might not have time to go through all the forums.

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What we are trying to do is set up specific areas for specific products and at the same time be able to offer product support. SO rather than just q and a, offer the new user or the user with tech problems better support.
John Ferrick

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It would be useful if this forum could have a mention somewhere about the situation regarding the division between Fast and Dazzle. The fastmultimedia site is now purely Silver/Purple/Video Machine, with no mention of the Dazzle connection and the various cards which Dazzle now handle. The dazzle site has got the hiccups and (when I tried) couldn't be accessed. Oh dear!

Ray Liffen

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You are quite right, Ray, all these changes in the corporate structure can be confusing.
The Personal Video Division of FAST recently merged with Dazzle and in Europe this company is now known as Dazzle Europe (although many products have the Dazzle-FAST logo). FAST UK operates in the UK on behalf of Dazzle Europe, selling products with both the FAST and Dazzle brands. FAST UK is still called FAST UK, hence our user name on this forum is FAST. None of this affects the Professional and Broadcast Division of FAST - it still operates as FAST Multimedia, selling the products Purple, Silver and the forthcoming Blue.
The older FAST products are still being supported by the same support team so customers should not be concerned that this merger will affect support. The website for the Dazzle Europe products, including all the Dazzle-FAST products on this forum, is You can download drivers from there as well as useful technical information.

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