Multiple video people at the same sports event.

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I had to smile today, I arrived at Norwich City Football ground to shoot a game. End of season friendlies. I turned up at 5 for the 5.30 game, and as I was setting up, was chatting to another video guy who was just packing away having done the 3-5 session with youngsters. Then just as I'm set, along comes another video guy who sets up next to me - he was working for one team, me the other.
It struck me that with a bit of prior organisation, the three of use could have covered the entire event with multiple cameras, and shared our footage - then we could all have edited our own version. It wouldn't have cost any more - but the result would have been better for all of us. How on earth you could arrange this in advance, I don't know - but it just seems a wasted opportunity.