less than 3 minute film

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tom hardwick
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13 years ago I shot Hi-8 on the TR2000 in an underwater 'sports' housing with a Kenko 0.6x wide-angle that vignetted with the housing's window. Crash editing between VCRs. Under water you lose a lot of the wide-angle due to refraction so the vignetting isn't so bad as in air. On a normal TV the overscanning hides that for the most part. The music was off a CD of that time.

And hasn't YouTube's quality improved of late? - this analogue footage looks far better than some of my (WMV) Z1 stuff up there, and you can even click on the 'watch in HD button'. Uploaded as an mpeg2 file.



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Great shots. I particularly liked the cam following the swimmers from above and in front.
A good choice of music too, which is something I rarely listen to when watching videos in the review section, but just happened to have them switched on.

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yep, that quality looks fiiiiiiiine


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It made me want to go swimming and then watch 'The Big Blue - Version Longue' again - you can't beat Eric Serra's weird music for underwater movies!