interacting with the guests

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tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

On Saturday the light was wonderful and I go out of my way to shoot directly into it, big bold closeups using maximum aperture and locked exposure and full tele and hand holding. That Sony VAP Steadyshot is simply amazing, and the big L bracket I use helps a lot too.

Interacting with the people and making them happy to be photographed by you is maybe half the story. Great portraitists the world
over have the greatest chat-up lines, I'm sure. I do get the odd person who immediately turns away when she (invariably a she) notices me filming her (so spoiling the shot). It annoys me, but I smile happily, give her a wink and tell her I'll get her before the day is out. In reality the day I photograph people is the day they look at their most beautiful and they should
know that - every day after this they grow older and more wrinkly; it's the law. (So saith Butch Cassidy).


Barry Hunter
Joined: Nov 30 2001

One of my stock sayings to the guests as I am making the Brides train look right is that i only get to play with dresses at weddings! usually gets a smile. Better not do that this coming weekend at No1 daughters bash, she`d probably tell the wife or give me a slap :eek:

Barry Hunter