Installation problem: DVnow/Windows NT 4.0

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I have a problem getting the driver to work under Win NT 4.0. Always getting "No hardware detected" message. I tried almost any PCI-Slot in 2 different PCs (Boards: ASUS CUSL2 and Chaintech 6BTM). The DVnow-board is detected under Win 98 at startup with no problem. No chance with NT. Ver 1.4 always installs DVnow lite, Ver 1.5 is smart enough not to install at all - with above mentioned message. Compared to Pinnacle DV200, installation is a pitty. Anybody with any ideas?

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The first thing would be to make sure that card is not sharing an IRQ. It has to have its own IRQ to work.
But because you have tried it in all the slots in two different PC's, I think it is more likely that the card is faulty. Contact your local support centre (usually your dealer) because they should be able to test the card for you, and if it tests faulty they would replace it.

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