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Has anyone ever filmed a wedding, like I have, where the bride and groom were in the midst of, or recovering from, a tiff. To a wedding where there was open hostility between the, so called, happy couple.

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I had a Bride who I thought was from the far reaches of hell! She made everything difficult.


2 years later she was matron of honour at another wedding I was booked at. When I found out I discussed with the couple my reservations only to be informed that the previous Bride had been involved in a major row with her mother just before her wedding & the mother who paid for the honeymoon, told the couple, I hope the plane crashes with you both inside!!! Un-beleivable!

No wonder she was not in a good mood. Needless to say they didn`t go on the honeymoon mother had paid for, choosing to go B&B around their own area.

I`m told that they are both still together & on the day she was matron of honour was charm itself.

Barry Hunter

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I filmed a glasgow celtic players wedding about 5 years ago. He looked very smart in his top hat and tails. His bride was a well known model. By the time they got to the reception, she was screaming to him "Don't you talk about my family and i won't talk about yours"

In time old tradition, they sold their wedding day photos to the Sunday Mail.

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there was a news story either last year or earlier this year of a bride gone wild. she got a bit po'd when the venue closed the bar (too many drunks) and started a fight with the site manager, which moved on to vandalizing the get away car, fighting, slapping and berating the groom, and resulted in the cops coming in to take her away (still kicking and screaming) to jail cell that served as her wedding night suite.

does that sound hostile enough?

the kind of trouble 19 year olds get into... i tell ya.