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Brian Dodsworth
Joined: Aug 27 1999

I have been trying to get information on this from Pinnacle but they do not return telephone calls. I wonder if anyone has experience of Pro yet and if they know of anybody in the inner London Area who could give a demo.. I tried the main Pinnacle Partner but they couldn't help!
Any comment appreciated.


Joined: Jul 26 2002

i committed the slightly illegal act of downoloading Hollywood FX Gold 4 to see what it was like because bronze and copper (purchased legally with DV500s) were quite nice.

As it turnd out it's all far too complicated for me; the presets are a bit restrictive and in some cases cheasy but i haven't yet workd out how the manual functions work. i just don't get the time to play about with software like i used to - i spend most of my time fixing computers and installing software with crossed fingers.

We use DV500s with premiere but i can't for the life of me work out how to use more than 2 video tracks on HFX.

It'd be nice if CV did a feature on the HFX range since it's something that really can apeal to everyone

Chris Lovell
Joined: Nov 29 2000

Hollywood FX (basic) is being given away free on the CD with DIGIT magazine (as is the demo of Edition) You can test out what you think of HFX, and then upgrade to FX Pro for $99 on the Pinnacle website.

Chris Lovell


Joined: Sep 4 2001

Got the Digit magazine cover disc, very impressed with Hollywood fx, seriously thinking of upgrading.

Best Wishes..