hard disk playback.

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hi there, me again. I added a new hard disk to my machine (western digital 72rpm) as a slave to the other disk - and also upgraded to win2k. the only thing is that the hard disk play back is really slow, i don't think its a problem with the disks, does anyone know what this one could be.

cheers sponegg.

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72 rpm is very slow. 7200 would be more like it .

Does your master drive have the spepd up need? If the master is a slow drive it might be makign the slave slow too, in which case try the slave as a master on the secondary controller.

Also be sure that the drive is UDMA66 or UDMA100, that you are using the proper cable (regular IDE cables generally will not work support the high sepeed), and that your system is configured for DMA hard drives.