Firmware update for NEX FS100

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One piece of good news I read today is that Sony are bringing out a free Firmware update early in 2012. It will now switch between NTSC and PAL recording.

It will also offer:

Save and load camera profiles to memory card.

Better expanded focus with 4x and 8x.

The gain dispaly will be selectable between ISO or Gain.

Focus Indication can be in either imperial or metric for those of us who still use feet and inches.

Shutter indication as either exposure time or shutter angle for those of a filmic bent.

More Aspect ratio markers, 2.35:1, 1.85:1 and 1.66:1.

And a display overlay button that will put Zebra and /or Histogram onto the video output.

The firmware update will also enable the new Sony LA-EA2 Alpha to E-mount adaptor to be used with full support for the following features, autofocus, auto iris and the lens metadata will be accessible from most Alpha mount lenses.