FASTCAP freezing

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S Walker
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I wonder if someone could help me?
My brother has a Pentium III running Windows 98 SE, 128 MB of RAM with an AGP ATI Xpert 2000 (16MB with TV out), SoundBlaster sound card.
He is using a AV Master (V1.6a BMK) card. When he uses the FASTCAP program to replay a video clip the application locks up, no error messages. Sometimes he still has control of the mouse and can close the application down ,but usually the whole PC just locks up and he has to power the PC off. Any ideas to why this could be happening?

It has worked sometimes (although only a maximum of 3 times before it locks up completely). This is causing his editing a huge headache.I tried using his old Maxi Gamer Phoenix (PCI card) and removed the soundcard but still the same problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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It sounds like an IRQ conflict. Check in Control Panel/Device Manager/Computer Properties that AV Master has its own IRQ between 9 and 15. If AV Master is sharing an IRQ number with anything other than an IRQ holder, then that is what is causing the problem. IRQ's can be reassigned by moving the card to a different PCI slot or on some systems they can be assigned in the BIOS.

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