DV.NOW.AV or DV.NOW + Hollywood DV-Brigde

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yes, in deed: an other presales question.

I am doubting between these two solutions for the following reasons:
1. except for Hollywood dv-bridge, are the software bundle the same? from the web info, it looks like dv.now has the ligos LE, while dv.now.av the full version (?): why: are both solutions providing svcd profiles?
2. is dv.now.av OHCI compliant? from the web info is this now clear? does this make dv.now.av a superior product to dv.now?
3. is it as easy to export to (s)vhs using either of these solutions.
4. same question for DV (does Hollywood dv-bridge pass-thru DV?)

Please, provide me with any other information that will help me in my decision.

Thanks a lot!



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1. DV.now is bundled with Ligos LE, which can create VCD but not SVCD, while DV.now AV is bundled with the full version which can also create SVCD.
2. The hardware is OHCI compliant, so if you use generic drivers it would work with OHCI-compliant software. But then you would lose all the advantages of the FAST drivers and FAST.forward software, which are not OHCI-compliant.
2. Yes, Hollywood DV-Bridge and DV.now AV both have S-VHS outputs on their break-out boxes and DV.now can output to VHS via the DV camcorder.
4. Yes, when you connect to a device device through the Hollywood DV-Bridge, it will work as if the DV-Bridge is not even there.

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