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Hi all,

I have started filming and editing wedding videos since leaving college a couple of months ago and have so far found the experience to be hard work but enjoyable…

I haven’t had a request as of yet, but I am just wondering if I am faced with the bride and groom asking me to add a piece of music they really love and would like a montage of the day mixed to that music, how easy is it to pay for the copyright and get the license to use it?

Is it expensive? Do you get many requests like this from the Bride and Groom? If so, how do you go about the whole process from talking to the b and g to obtaining the license?

I have learnt loads of tips by reading many posts, thanks for all your help.

Hope you can help.



Barry Hunter
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There have been many, many posts on this subject!
I suggest you search the forum & I`m sure you will learn much.

Barry Hunter

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