Compatable Motherboards Urgent!!!

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Please Please can anyone help me
I have had DV now AV installed on a computer with an AMD Athlon 900
> processor with Via Chipset. The system has been very unstable but
> thanks to
> your web site it appears that this is not a very good combination, the
> motherboard by the way is the 663AS PRO with the VIA KT133(VT
> 8368)AGPset.
> I am now in the position to be able to upgrade to something that
> hopefully
> will work this card. I was thinking of a Pentium 3 1Gig with non Via
> chipset. The trouble is that I have been advised by the supplier of the
> card
> that 90% of the trouble lies with the wrong motherboard. I have been to
> the
> Dazzle web site and also your forums but I don't seem to be able to
> find an
> up-to-date list of compatible boards.
> I would be very grateful for any information, a list of up-to-date
> motherboards or links to any site that might have this information.
> I have tried a SynactiX 1EP board with the Intel Ultra ATA6 chipset but
> I
> can't even boot, the board has only got 3 PCI slots one is taken up
> with a
> network card and I am getting conflicts all the time. I can't really
> afford
> to make a mistake this time so any help that you can give me would be
> gratefully appreciated.
Cheers, Bob.

Philip Ng
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Just to share with you my set-up.

I used two system, One for capturing, the other for editing and rendering.

1. For Capturing I use an old
AMD K62/500 CPU on all-in-one motherboard.
VIA Apollo MVP4 Chipset.
I used the on-board sound and vga connector.
1 pci network card ( disable when capturing)
256MB ram
10GB hard-disk for OS and application
30GB hard-disk with re-movable mobile-rake for captured data.
For a 2 hr .avi capture, it used up about 25GB.
Not forgetting card and FF 1.6

2. For video editing:-
AMD Athlon 1.2 cpu on all-in-one motherboard. VIA KT133/KT133A Chipset.
256MB ram
10GB Hard-disk for OS and application.
30GB Hard-disk on re-movable mobile rake.
(formatted and label identical as the 30gb hd for capturing)
I then swap them around for editing and
1 pci network card.

3. So far, with capturing on the AMD-500
I have very sucessful rate. There was never
a problem with drop frames. I have captured from VHS video Tape and direct from
Sony Digital 8 DCR-TRV410E.


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I've run AV successfully on two differnt aAthlon-based systems:

Asus A7A266 with Athlon 1.333
512 meg ram

Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI adapter w/
Plextor CDR
Plextor CD-R/W
IBM 18 gig

On the EIDE drive connector
IDE Zip 250
IBM 20 gig system drive
2-IBM 60 gig AV drives

MidiMan Delta66 Audio card
ATI Radeon Graphics board
Fast Ehternet card

The other system was older and based on a
Gigabyte GA-7IX with an Athlon 650 and 256 meg other stuff was as above.

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Hi All.
My system:
- ABIT ST6/RAID (i815),
- PIII 1GHz,
- RAM 3x128MB, all at 133MHz FSB,
- all HDDs IBM 30..40GB 7200 RPM at UDMA100,
- Creative SB Live! Platinum,
- G400 32MB SDR or GeFo2 Pro 64MB DDR,
- FaxModem 56k (Motorola chip),
- Sony DCR-TRV900E camera recorder,
- ofcourse, AV... :) AV is at 7'th IRQ, shared with USB
controller only.
My system is full stable, but:
1. When I'm watching on TV or printing
to VHS, sound aheads video (no sync is
about 1 second / 15 minutes of My project).
Never mind I choose Analog Output, Digital
or both...
2. Switching output mode from Digital
or Both to Analog Output, in 1 of 10
cases damages currently selected clip
- current frame (AVI file too) includes
some fragments of any other frame and
in soundtruck I hear 'beep' or short break.

Regards, Czarek.

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Thanks guys.
I finally got an Email from Dazzle.
Not bad considering they don't usually reply to queries from the UK.
Too bad it's mainly the same list as is on their web site, some of that is way out of date.
With that and the list you guys gave me I hope to get up and running with some sort of configuration.
Once again, thanks for your help.
Regards, Bob.

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One 'down-out-date' (not up-to-date) test ;)
MoBo: ASUS P2B (with 1012 BIOS), CPU: Slot1 P2 350MHz at 412MHz, RAM: 192MB, all FSB at 100MHz, HDDs at UDMA33,
3Com's network controller, Boca 56k internal ISA modem, Creative SB Live!, nVidia Vanta 16MB RAM, AV ;),
Sony TRV900E, Win 98SE, UMS Pro 6.0 with PatchII, AP 6.0, FAST.forward 1.6 (b.0240), my AV is here
in 2'nd PCI slot at 12 IRQ alone (not shared):
1. A girl from Welcome Screen window has not grown older yet.
2. All system is full stably. No hangings, no freezings.
3. Fast and full 'DV Player' and 'HD Player' control.
4. Capturing with 0 frames dropped (to IBM 40GB/7200RPM but at UDMA33 EIDE which MoBo supports).
5. No problems with printing to camera from FF via 1394 of course.
6. If I try to switch or export my project to UMS Pro 6.0, CLIPPER generates an error in DVPGENERATOR.DLL
module at 0167:08xx6127 in first.

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Go with the Dual TyanMP motherboard and 2 AthlonMP 1800 CPU's. This is the killer machine on the market at the moment, I've ordered mine.

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Well.. I have the Tyan Tiger Dual Athlon board and have tried the dazzle DVC II card. Unfortunately the system does not even boots...
I am considering a DVnow AV and I wonder if it will work with Tiger? Would be nice to see if some one had any experience with tiger + fast...

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quote:Originally posted by iskender:
Well.. I have the Tyan Tiger Dual Athlon board and have tried the dazzle DVC II card. Unfortunately the system does not even boots...
I am considering a DVnow AV and I wonder if it will work with Tiger? Would be nice to see if some one had any experience with tiger + fast...

I heard some people got it to work, but you shouldn't use the 64bit pci slot, it won't boot when inserted, or it 'll be misreading number of cpu's...
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it is easy
just an atlon cpu (more then 1700 is great)
512 meg ddr ram by the type kingstone
matrox g 550 vga
a sound card
do not use on board sound card
at last a giga byte main board
two ide hdd by capacity 80 gig same type
i prefer two maxtor 7200 rpm or 2 seagate 7200 rpm
scazi is fantastic all type but ha chotah 12000 rpm is great or maybe more then that
then you have not any chance to see droup
if you use ide plz raid them it is very important
if you buy what i told you it is garenty
that work great cuz i assamble 5 computer for editing by this way
senserly you