Card recovery

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I have a bit of a disaster

i filmed around three hours of stuff on an sd card on Friday and cannot find the card

there are two possibilities,

i lost  the card
i somehow reformatted the card and recorded about an hour over the "new" card

personally I think that I have dropped the card somewhere

but I do have three possible cards that could be the same one. They are all Sandisc ones which came with an access code to a free bit of software

it is going to be bloody awkward to explain either way, and the material is irreplaceable so I really need to try to find at least part of the files

any chance? 

I have a mac mac but can access a pc

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Re: Card recovery

There is plenty of free card data recovery software for PC's. I've used them to recover jpegs so can see no reason why they shouldn't recover video files. Just google 'free card recovery software'

Barry Hunter
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Re: Card recovery

All you have to do now is Actually find the card! Good luck!!

Barry Hunter