A behind the scenes write up

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Hey gang,

Something we want to start doing is, whenever we post a regular highlights to the blog to also post a technical writeup for you folks to our new educational blog.

We have just posted one up and hope to have another up next week. Next weeks one is going to be really indepth.

We used to put a few word on our vimeo page but this lets us do so much more with pictures, links to additional videos etc.

Hit up the following link for the first one. Coming up in the next 14 days is another write up and a little video on how to navigate your way around the 12 minute limit when filming with DSLR's

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That was a good read. Nice to get a little bit of insight into how others work and what happens in post. Opens me up to post production software that I wasn't aware of as well. This is about the time of year I have some spare time to experiment with 'the look'. Look forward to the next one!

Ben Longden
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Yep.... keep em coming...!