AV Master with VIA KT133 chipset - OK

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There have been problems with earlier VIA chipsets so it is nice to report that having built the latest Intec editing computer using a 1GHz Athlon Thunderbird, Abit KT7 RAID m/b and Matrox G450 graphics card, it seems to be very stable.

The KT7 RAID uses the VIA KT133 chipset and although I have had to disable the RAID chip (see the hard disks section of the CV forum) the standard UDMA66 ports are more than fast enough for the data traffic needed by the AVM.

This machine also has a DV.now installed - I'll put a similar note in the DV.now section.

Ray Liffen

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please tell me how u got this to work

my picture is crappy and 90% my pc freezes while or after capturing with athlon/abit kt7


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My Asus A7V133 (without RAID) also works with a G450 but my problem is that I can't enable overlay in Premiere it cause complete freeze, especialy when the it reads effects or transition on the time line.

If I disable the overlay it's perfect.

How are you setting ? (BIOS, Device IRQ ....)