AV-Master and Movie Machine Pro II

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Hi all,

Has anybody some experience with using the AV-Master and the Movie Machine II
How to set it up, no matter what the OS will be.
I own both the boards and want to combine them. Can anybody help me ??
It should be possible beacause I've seen an article on former FAST's site, unfortunately Fast has closed down that site.....

See Ya !!

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AV Master and Movie Machine II can be used in the same system, but it will have to be a Windows 95 system. Make sure you install Movie Machine before AV Master and make sure that each card has its own IRQ (AV Master's IRQ should be between 9 and 15).

The new website for FAST Personal Video Division / Dazzle Europe products is www.dazzle-europe.com. The other website, www.fastmultimedia.com is only for FAST Broadcast & Professional products. There are Technotes on dazzle-europe.com about installing Movie Machine but I do not recall there ever being one about installing it with AV Master.

FAST UK Technical Support

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