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Hi, I have this audio problem in that capture two hours of video to hard disk is no problem,no dropped frames and quality is excellent but the audio gradually goes out of sync. I notice from about twenty minuits it is just out and after two hours about two seconds behind. I have no other sound card,WIN98se,gigabyte 6bxds,two pIII 450,maxtor 13.6 on board ide,promise fasttrak 100 raid set for a/v(two 8.4 maxtors),128 mem,Matrox G200 Millenium.It doesnt matter which disk i use it is the same.There are no compatibility problems.I use different source TV,sat and video. Is there something I'm missing.

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Two hours is an extremely long clip to be capturing all at once. Why not capture shorter clips and then play them back seamlessly in sequence using the Playlist feature? The Playlist's function is to play a sequence of shorter clips seamlessly so as to look like one long clip.

Here are some more tips about audio sync problems:

In Media Studio Pro,
please check in View/Preview Options/Advanced that the Interleave audio and video setting is set to Pack audio data for every 1 frame.
Then when you create a video after editing, also check that setting in File/Create Video File/Options/Advanced.

Audio sync can be lost when trying to play a very long project continuously. To overcome this, long projects can be recorded to tape by creating a sequence of smaller files to play out, rather than one long one.

If you are using MSP 5.2 and Windows 98SE, then the driver version you should be using is AV Master 2.5 build 0019, not 2.5 build 0024. Furthermore, you should not install PowerPlay separately - Power Play is included in the recent versions of the drivers. Always make sure that MSP is installed BEFORE you install the AV Master drivers.

The other thing that can cause loss of audio sync, is the speed of the hard drive. What kind of hard drive is it? If it is a DMA compatible hard drive, you need to activate the DMA setting in the the hard drive's Properties in Windows.

Also, you say that there are no resource conflicts, but AV Master needs its own IRQ between 9 and 15. A shared IRQ or an IRQ below 9 can cause such a problem.